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Tuc, owner and Sysop of RACS III started his computing adventures on an IBM 5110 with a 4 inch screen, 16K Basic, 2 8″ floppy drives and a 132 column dot matrix printer in 1978. After retiring for a bit to Tucs Beachin OBX House in NC, he came back and is now the Senior Site Reliability Engineering Manager for a global SAAS company.


As per the original information I gave out, a bunker 10 ft under ground somewhere near a phone Central Office in Stony Point, NY. (Right Susan Thunder? 😉 )


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you’ll need to hit ENTER after finishing the password, and then another enter to “wake up” the BBS. You’ll see “INCOMING CALL”. Give it a sec, its a 1.77Mhz, it takes a bit for it to get the clue, do what it needs and then get you to a login.

If you used to have a password on here, here is a password reminder. It starts with “*”. 😉 If you want your old one, just contact me and we’ll work it out.