A Thank You Note To Everyone Who Made This Possible

(And I hope I didn’t leave anyone out!)

There are plenty of people to thank.

This was not a solo project by any mean, all of the members deserves a “Thank You!”

Thanks to Ira

Owner of the TRS-80 website. This is the predominant source for anything Tandy computer related. I’ve known Ira since I first got my Model I. Both of us were part of the Long Island TRS-80 Users Group. Ira was instrumental in many facets. Thank you!

Ian Mavric

Owner of The Right Stuff / TRS-80 Universe (Website and eBay). Although, He was great in helping me with the FreHD, parts and pieces I needed, information, and auctioning off hardware to me at Tandy Assembly 2023. ;). Thanks a lot!

trs80gp / George Phillips and Peter Phillips – Thank you!

This tool, their discord, along with the users on there have been incredibly instrumental to helping me work things out. I don’t think if it wasn’t for this emulator, I would be basically 10% of where I am today.

MFMEMU /  David Gesswein

Being able to get the insight into what, if anything, was on the hard drive after all this time, listening when I felt there was an error in the output, and guiding me through a mis-wired drive from the factory! 

Jean-François DEL NERO

Author of HXC2001, a new firmware for Gotek drives (Using USB), certainly that allowed me to run things without my rotating drives

Members of the Tandy Discord

Pski, Jaybird, Maboytim. Mav, Rocket Fueled and others on channels like troubleshooting, general, etc.

Hey Birt!

Many great suggestions during Tandy Assembly 2023 for cleaning and restoring my Model I

Thanks Epson!

For still making a ribbon that fits my MX-80 from the late 70’s

Roy Niederhoffer

The original author of Remote Access Computer Systems (RACS)and owner of RACS I. 

Andrew Van Brocklin – Thanks!

I don’t think I would have gone far initially without his special device to help answer the phone for an acoustic modem

Software Support, Inc

Makers of the original MEGADISK that despite a miswire, worked great and lasted in storage for all this time.


At Glitchworks for tuning the drives.


I contemplated not adding them at this point. They wrote NewDos/80. I understand why they had to do some of what they did because of the larger drives, but they could have made it a bit cleaner and backward compatible. 😉

  • Many people who answered questions on discords, Forums, wrote public software, etc. Thank you all!
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